Linking Ready Kids to Ready Schools

Transitioning from preschool to Kindergarten is a critical time in a child’s life.  Transition supports seek to create a smooth continuum from early childhood education’s birth to five services to our traditional K-12 education system.  Effective transition, including ongoing family engagement, has been shown to improve children's future educational outcomes.  Transition planning between schools, early learning programs, and families can ease the transition for children into kindergarten, provide continuity in a child's early education, and engage parents in their child's learning, all of which result in improved chances of school success.  Alignment of standards, teacher preparation, and community engagement and action are critical.

Bucks County has actively engaged school districts, early childhood educators, and families in efforts toward ready children, ready families, and ready schools.  "Tender Bridges" has provided an informal framework for over five years and is now an organized advisory council through the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22;  the focus is on joint teacher preparation and school district transition efforts.  PreK Counts grants have provided opportunities for transition activities in several school districts, including Morrisville, Bristol, Bristol Township, and Neshaminy  school districts.  QCCC has received Transition grants from the PA Key which have supported transition activities involving five Title 1 schools and pre-kindergarten children and their families. Our Bucks County libraries also actively support transition to kindergarten with special programs in August

The thirteen school districts in Bucks County have different cutoff dates for kindergarten and also work with different handwriting programs.  View this chart to learn about your local district. 

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